Monday, July 22, 2024

Amazing Things to do in Palermo

If you are looking to have fun in your life you should travel to new destinations around the globe. Palermo can be one of the best places for you to visit and explore unique things. You can rent a car in Italy and enjoy amazing history of the country by visiting cities like Palermo.

When you plan a trip, here are some things to consider.

  • Everyone must enjoy it.
  • You explore something new.
  • Visit interesting places

By keeping all these in view, here we have some things that you can do in Palermo. If you need a car during your stay in Palermo, you can pick it up at the airport. You can compare prices on car hire here: Autospain compare prices from all major companies i the city and at the airport.

Top things to do to enjoy your stay in Palermo:

These are deeply connected with the historical values and cultures of Palermo so these places must be visited on your nest tour to Palermo.

Capella Palatina displays Byzantine artwork and architecture:

This chapel is located in the center of Palermo and it displays historical iconography on the walls and ceiling. These are the mosaics rich in colors and details. To explore the stunning Byzantine artwork and architecture, you must visit this place.

Palermo Archaeological Museum for the people who love history:

This is a place not only for the people who love history it also for those who want to expel new things on their tour to Palermo. This is a fantastic museum that has ancient artifacts from the Greek art and Sicily region. Other than this, there are several underwater, roman, and Phoenician artifacts displayed in this museum.

The best part is that everything is divided into sections which makes this museum very easy to visit and navigate.

La Martorana can be a multi-place visit:

This is another historical cathedral present in Palermo. The best part about visiting it is that you will not only see the beautiful historical architecture, but you will also be able to see the famous Quattro Canti square and Pretoria Fountain. Being a historical church, it’s beautiful and unique architecture and spectacular interior will leave you speechless.

San Giovanni Degli Eremiti packs a small and spectacular architecture:

This is a small church that represents the historic values of 6th-century architecture. It is constructed in a style combined from the Norman and Arabic styles with Roman additions. There are beautiful towers, domes, and plants in this church. Being unique, it is a great tourist destination in Palermo.

Monte Pellegrino is the best escape towards nature.

If you want to escape to the nature of the city, this is the best place next to Palermo. It is 9 miles away from the center of the city and it is one of the best destinations in Palermo for spending your afternoon. This mountain also allows you to have an adventurous hike which is a great tourist attraction, but you need to be physically fit to do this.

Fontana Pretoria offers great historical visuals:

This monumental fountain was built by a Florentine architect in 1554 and it was transferred to Palermo in 1574. On the fountain, there are marble statues of 12 Olympians related to Greek Mythology. Each of the statues is made with complete details and some other statues represent the rivers and animals of Palermo.

Whenever you visit a place, it must be compulsory that you go pre-planned. This way you will be able to explore the most and in the best way. Using our travel and tourism guide, you can plan your trip according to your taste and budget.