Monday, July 22, 2024

Can the Spanish best golf course improve your physic and mind wellness?

A study by German researchers, conducted among golfers aged between 43 and 67 years has shown that practical exercises very positive effects on the cardiovascular system. This proves the hypothesis that golf is the perfect physical activity for physical maintenance of the elderly and sport most attractive, by the conditions of practice: the natural environment, water, grass, among others. This can be achieved playing in the Spanish best golf course.

This study demonstrated healthy conditions are having golf as aerobic activity. Moreover, it reveals its ability to prevent heart disease. During the visit a decreased triglycerides and increased HDL cholesterol (good source cholesterol).

It is also advisable to perform other exercises to accompany the sport. The high need for rotation movements of this activity (in waist and back), require gymnastic exercises for strengthening the trunk. The recommendation that specialists do for those who start practicing golf, is to maintain an upright posture (especially in the first stroke of each hole and when finishing the swing).

In addition to walking, golf involves another series of movements, especially when hitting the ball. First, we must test the blow, make as if to do it once or twice. In this way, come into play the muscles of the shoulders and wrists, and the distance where you want to send the ball is better calculated.

Then right it remains rigid chest, head and neck slightly bent forward, legs bent and the eyes fixed on the point where the shot will be aimed. In this position, the player swings the stick back and forth, taking in its movement to surround almost back. Then move all your weight on the right foot, as he raises his left foot on the big toe and turned inward left knee.

In this way it seems complicated, but the only way to check is to practice and to start to feel the benefits of physical activity that also makes delight with his game in a beautiful field with wide latitudes. And finally, although it seems one of the least active sports is one that moves almost every muscle. Therefore, enter this magnificent sport only bring complacency.

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