Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Keep your weight up despite the quarantine

Being in pajamas all day and not having to go anywhere can be a fairly common situation for most people in the world today. This is because of this evil that has taken us all in, the COVID-19. But it can also be a quite wrong formula for the body shape, since sedentariness is ideal for weight gain. To avoid this you should put on your sport clothing and do these simple routines.

They are easy and effective exercises that if you start, you will keep your body and mind busy and in harmony. A good pair of sweatpants and a blouse will make you feel like you’re leaving the house for the gym. You automatically tell your mind that it must be activated, so here we go.

Simple exercise routines

With only 20 minutes a day you can keep your figure and activate your mind. You can use the weight of your body and what you have around you, like chairs, carpets, among others. Also, you can purchase some equipment online. However, there is no excuse for just lying on the couch and going to bed all day.

Keep your weight in quarantine
Keep your weight in quarantine


This is one of the most effective exercises to tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks. You should open your legs a few inches wider than the width of your shoulders. Then you raise your back and bend down as if you were doing frog jumps. To begin with, you can do 4 repetitions of 10 and each week you increase it a little more.

Push ups

For many this may be a difficult task, but it is not. By simply standing on your stomach and having an upright posture with your abdomen contracted, you can maintain your balance and control your movement. If you put your arms in front of your face, you can work on your quadriceps.

Abdominal plate

Abdominal plate
Abdominal plate

This is a fairly simple but very effective activity. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, reducing the unwanted tummy. It consists of lying on your stomach and leaning with your elbows and feet, keeping your body upright and contracting your abdomen. The duration of this position should be in accordance with your resistance. You can start with 20 seconds and increase gradually.   

Some useful tips

Establishing a circuit can be very helpful in keeping the sequence of the exercises. You can do a sequence of several exercises and rest for about 10 seconds to make way for the other round.

Varying the repetitions can make your muscles more mobile and you will burn many more calories. Also, a balanced diet, low in saturated fat and rich in fiber and protein, should be implemented. Then there’s no longer an excuse not to wear your sports clothes.

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