Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Why should you have golf holidays in Majorca?

There are enjoyable activities that can be done in any moment of the year, but that are even better when we have several days to realize it. And if we love sports, amazing landscapes, and delicious foods, we need to have golf holidays in Majorca.

Majorca, by itself, is already a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, thanks to its warm weather, large number of beaches and high-quality tourists’ amenities. Its cuisine is pretty characteristic too, using seafood, vegetable, legumes, pork and another ingredients to make delicious dishes like sobrassada or arròs brut, and sweet ones such as ensaïmada.

The main tongues are Catalan and Spanish, but though this could be worrying for foreigners, touristic places are adapted to visitors from different places, speaking another languages like English, German, Dutch or French.

There are several touristic activities that can be done through the exploration of the island, that is characteristic for its cliffs, caves and forests, but when this is combined with a golf club, possibilities are endless.

Traveling to a different city, and even country, may seem exaggerated if we are doing just for a sport, and our family will not always be excited of this possibility. However, if we offer vacations that will be memorable only for the place, and take a few days to play, everyone will feel satisfied.

And when it comes to clubs itself, they are excellent too. Some of them have a sea view complemented by pine and olive groves that blends into the typical landscape, and the courses are incredible choices to prove your abilities.

If you are not quite confident while swinging, there is the choice to receive classes in an academy, with the option in some to use the latest technology. And once the day is over, whether you were improving yourself or playing, you can always enjoy a well-earned drink while enjoying Spanish and international dishes in an elegant restaurant.

So if you are still unsure of what place you should visit in your next vacations, stop doubting it, and go to a destination where exploring castles, sunbathing and playing golf will be all choices for you to delight.