Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Bagan hot air balloon

Have you ever wondered which is one of the newest trends when it comes to tourism recreational activities nowadays? Surely admiring amazing landscapes from a high altitude has always been a passion for everyone who loves to travel and take shots of every beautiful place with deserves to be remembered. But maybe you could never guess that floating into the basket of a hot air balloon has become more and more popular for everyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful landscape around the world.

Also Bagan, which is one of the most popular and the most visited cities in Asia nowadays has become to be very appreciated for the amazing views that can offer. Traveling with a Bagan hot air balloon surely should be on everyone’s bucket list sooner or later. This city is considered in Asia the home center for such a large ancient temple complex where you can find more than a thousand of temples in a vast area. But what makes Bagan unique all over Asia is such a beautiful image it can offer with a lot of colorful hot air ballons floating over it and creating a fairytale scene.

Visiting the ancient temples in Bagan is an activity that can surely be done by foo or by bike to admire the imperious buildings from the ground. But this can be converted into an unforgettable experience when you book your own hot air balloon to fly with it and admire the breathtacking scenes of the city from above the clouds. Considering going to feel this wonderful experience, tou should aslo think about planning your trip very well.

The hot air ballooning season starts in October and ends on 10th of April because the cold air breeze present in the mornings and in the evenings offer the balloons pilots the possibility to control it better and easier. Actually the most chosen part of the day is the sunrise, when the sleeping sun si waving it’s light all over Bagan to create happy shadows and contouring the image of it better. You should also know that if you are a truly passionate baout photography, this is the perfect moment to take some of your best shots using your objective which can be caapble to chatch the warm light of the sun swinging over the temples.

With an experience of over 20 years of doing wonderful hot air ballons trips every year, MyanMarvel team is always happy to offer the tourists such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Having a fleet of 12 hot air ballons, all the pilots are the most experienced ones which made the company be a leader from all of the hot air trips providers in Bagan.