Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Buy women’s espadrilles online and enjoy a comfortable and a light shoe with a deep history

If you choose to buy women’s espadrilles online then you are undoubtedly making a great choice for a comfortable, light and easy to use footwear without having to spend lots of money, since it is precisely its practicality the thing every women is looking for, currently being used by millions of women around the world thanks to its variants which are made with more resistant and durable materials

The espadrille or esparteña in Spanish is a type of canvas shoe with esparto or hemp sole, which is secured by simple adjustment or with straps. It is mainly used in Spain, France and several areas of Latin America. There is a wide variety of types of espadrilles, fundamentally divided into two classes: those that fit with ribbons and those that do not. Nowadays it is common for the esparto sole to be totally or partially coated with a thin layer of rubber to protect it from moisture and wear.

The espadrille is made using a strong canvas, with a jute rope or hemp sole. It is very light and offers sort of a good grip to the ground. The espadrille is handcrafted in triangular looms using homemade wicker (cotton thread), combining different colors. The sole can be of leather tanned or cocuiza. Actually its fabrication has been industrialized, including nylon threads and rubber along with plastic and leather, being covered with canvas and base of cocuiza or other vegetal fiber.

It is believed that the espadrille had its origin in the Egyptian sandal, in which later the Romans were inspired to elaborate a covered slipper and to protect the foot of the sun and the heat. Subsequently introduced to Spain and brought with the colonization to Latin America, so it is a perfect choice for every women who wants to stay comfortable wearing a little piece of history.

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