Thursday, June 13, 2024

Poultry farming in Romania

In the few past decades people started to tame the chicken and fans which were until now used for fights in the battle rings created for them especially. But as the evolution of people and lifestyle became more and more advanced, this battles had been restricted and humans started to rise chicken for their meat and for the eggs. After some more time passing this habit of raising chicken at home became something bigger and been transformed into businesses when people started to make some profit from this.

Nowadays, the current situation stands in having many organization specialized in poultry farming in Romania and this thing proves that people succeeded in the conversion of a lifestyle of raising chicken for meat into businesses which lead to the increase of economical criterias in our country. According to the National Institute of Statistics the sum of all products received from all the poultry farms in Romania is equal to 267 millions of animals grown for meat consumption every year, and from this number 266 is the sum of all the chicken being in this category.

When talking  about it, this number consists of all the chicken genetically selected for meat consumption, being a special breed used only for this. All the chicken living near people’s home nowadays are those being descendants of wild chicken, but in farms they are using only those who can have a fast growing of their breasts and thighs, but with the same needs as the normal ones. There are also included those which are risen only for egg production, and cannot be consumed for their meat.

In order to achieve their maturity age and be ready for meat consumption, all these chicken from the farms need to be risen in  a peaceful and a suitable environment. Exactly like the normal ones, those from the farms need to dig, to jump and sleep well, they also need to have no external source of stress and most importantly they need to eat every day only healthy food. All the standards for raising chicken are also part of the European criterias for chicken production in order to have a normal evolution of these businesses over the time, with no diseases born from the genetical modification of the meat.

In order to meet all the criterias for healthy products LaProvincia company took care of all the details needed in order to have an authentic taste of the meat by starting to produce our own chicken food products directly on the farms, with no preservatives or substances for a faster growing of plants.