Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Social, cultural and financial translations, who is behind these transformations?


The skills of a professional translator are proved based on the ability to adapt it to the language, which sometimes involves conversions of measures, coins, addresses, all of this maintaining the text culturally appropriate. This is the only way to convey the intended message of the original text. So the financial translations are very important too, due to the impact that these has on the international business and global economy.financial-translations-1

With the arrival of the digital era and with the change that the Internet has meant, the role of the translator has acquired a very important role in all this development. Not so many years ago, the translators focused their work mainly on the translation of books, films and videos, legal documents, official titles or in simultaneous translation during meetings or forums.

In the face of any business, the quality of the language used in the presentation is vital to success. The work of the translator as an intercultural mediator should therefore receive the importance and recognition that they deserve. Today, translators have become professionals capable of connecting the realities of two different cultures as an invisible link. Also in the business this have a really important impact between two foreign markets.

The good translator must be able to adapt a message expressed in a source language to a target language that is impregnated with a totally different culture, without the receiver detecting that it is before a translation. For this reason, the true achievement of any translator is to remain invisible in the eyes of the reader, who perceives the text as an original and not as a product that has undergone a transformation process.

It is necessary to remember that to master different languages is not synonymous of being able to realize good translations, it is necessary to possess a great wealth of language, as well as the ability to write with fluency and absolute grammatical and orthographic correction. Translators with official titles take years to perfect the technique, and yet they have to specialize in certain types of texts, only this way ensures that the translation transmits the message intact of the original language text.