Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Spanish best golf course. Where to find it?

Spain is a European country located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered to the south and east by Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the only three countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. More than 50 million tourists visit Spain each year and it is no secret that golf is a very popular sport (there are more than 300 golf clubs there).In Andalusia there is one of Spanish best golf course. It is called Valderrama Golf club.spanish-best-golf-course-2

This club was built in 1974 with the name of “Sotogrande New”. By 1984 it was redesigned and expanded. It is best known to be the host of important tournaments such as: Volvo Masters, Ryder Cup, Ladies Spanish Open, Andalucía Masters, WGC-American Express Championship, and the last one, Andalucía Open, event that took place this year.

A golf course is the place where golf is played. It consists in a ground covered with natural or artificial grass which has 18 holes. Every golf course it is unique. Some fields have artificial lagoons, beach sands, among other scenarios adding a level of difficulty to this game.

There are several ways to play golf. The most popular are:

  • Individual: Two players play against each other. It is perfect if we want to play with friends.
  • Stroke play: This type of game is the most common. It is played in international tournaments. All the players compete against each other. The winner of this game is the player that finishes the holes with the least number of strokes.

In important tournaments it can be up to 132 players playing in the same field. These matches can last 4 days. Generally the tournaments start on Thursday and end on Sunday. The players that have more points will be eliminated. The winner will be the player that has less point.

If you consider yourself a person who likes outdoor sports, golf could be a good option for you. This sport does not take a lot physic effort. It connects you with nature. You can play it alone or with friends and it is known for being the ideal sport to make business.