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Train travel to Tarragona: an opportunity you cannot miss

Summer is approaching and it is time to think about where to go these holidays. Internal tourism is a fantastic option because in all its geography Spain has many beautiful places for visiting and delighting in them. A train travel to Tarragona highlights within this extensive list of possibilities.

Tarragona is a gorgeous touristic city located on shores of the Mediterranean Sea on Golden Coast. It offers everyone that arrives stunning beaches of warm waters with fine terrific sands, luxurious recreation centers for kids and adults and a great historical legacy. This locality and Barcelona will be the seat of each sport discipline of the XVIII Mediterranean Games in June of 2018.

The area deals a typical Mediterranean climate of 17.8 oC annual average temperature. Winters are mild while summers are hot with a delicious breeze. Snowfall is occasional in cold season even it does not cover the ground. Possibility of rains exists always but the biggest storms are manifested in summer.

Being one of the most important municipalities of Hispania and capital of province during the Roman Empire, Tarragona has abundant archeological zones and Tarraco is the principal of them. It was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Since it continued to be inhabited, citizens slowly took construction materials of old buildings so their architectural works are partially incomplete. Amphitheater was used as a quarry therefore only few vestiges remained. Throughout the metropolis are inscriptions on house-stones in Latin and in Phoenician too, which shows its ancient origin. A short distance from town there is a magnificent Roman aqueduct of 217 meters in length and 27 meters high in central section.

Without doubt Tarragona has much to offer to whichever kind of tourist at any moment of the year. This vacation you should take the whole family for a week or more to know it and enjoy it.

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