Thursday, June 13, 2024

Best places in Mexico for a balloon trip

Mexico has a lot of beautiful places and landscapes to enjoy; it is easy to find activities of all kind. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience or you just want to see the city from a different angle on your next vacation, we recommend you this beautiful places to take a balloon trip.

Teotihuacan Pyramids

This place called the City of Gods will give you the most stunning views, to begin your adventure you can explore the entire archaeological zone. Some hotels in Mexico offer packages with the round trip to the Teotihuacan pyramids because they are at least one hour and a half away from the city, and some of these packages include the balloon trip as well.

This will be definitely a ones-in-a-lifetime adventure with a stunning view of a place considered a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Chichen Itza

The Riviera Maya hotels have all kinds of activities; you can even find the hot air balloon trip over the Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza. Once the balloon has landed, you can be a part of a traditional ceremony with beverages and food. In this place, you will understand the importance of the Mayan culture because of the majestic of its ruins and all the mysteries that the Riviera Maya hides. This balloon ride can last from forty-five minutes to one hour depending on wind.

Playa Del Carmen

Watch the sunset and fly above the Caribbean in a balloon. This trip may last twenty minutesbut you can see the beauty of Isla Mujeres, Holbox and even the Mayan jungle near the sea. The aerial view will help you to appreciate the color of the water plus the white sand beaches. This perspective of the place is reserved for those who wants to explore in a different way the Riviera Maya.