Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Cool iPhone cases: combining style with functionality

Imagine this scenario. A teenager is excited with her newest iPhone model and has decided that her precious device must have a different appearance of the generic type from the factory. Therefore she goes to her favorite mall, which is where she works too, because she remembers a design-full-and-interesting-case store there.

The purchase itself is not an event that gives much to talk about, maybe it took merely few minutes to choose the perfect combination, but when she finished, she was very satisfied with her choice and came to her part-time job of an excellent mood.

Once inside, while she changed her uniform, talked to her coworkers and listened to compliments over her fashion and stylish decision, but rules establish employees cannot send texts there, so she had to leave it in a locker with the other equipments.

After a long working day, which was unexpectedly extended by a group of last minute clients, our protagonist was in a hurry to go back, so instead of entering into a crowded office and carefully looking for small details to identify her phone, she just asked if they could pass the cell with a certain color lining and obtained it quickly.

Arriving home and checking latest messages, her dog greeted her pretty cheerfully making her stumble and droop the apparatus. Saying it was scaring would be an understatement, since that was the reason for what a new one had to be bought. Fortunately, she discovered that thanks to its extra wraparound, it did not even have a scratch.

At the end, as we can see from this anecdote cool iPhone cases not only serve as simple decoration, they also fulfill social functions such as show off with friends, provide an easy identification that saves valuable seconds and also an additional protection layer. It is not bad for a piece of colored plastic.

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