Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Myanmar is fashionable and the increase of tourists every year proves it. Less than 5 years ago it began its democratic opening despite today still exist today inaccessible regions bounded or tourism. We can say that there are two Myanmar, the classical, where there is tourism, and the hidden, with regions of extreme beauty, with beautiful lands and ethnicities very different from the rest of the country, apply today in myanmarvisaservice.com.

If you have little time to visit Myanmar then you must try to avoid slow transport, such as bus. The truth is that the savings are considerable, but sometimes time is short and the desire to enjoy more and better see certain sites make the airplane is the best choice to get to certain places.

15 days is just enough to take a good memory of Myanmar. Although a visit to the old known Burma is not avoidable. At least two months are required to know the major parts of the country, for another trip you must left the northern mountains, one of more than 5,000m with tigers and elephants.

Undoubtedly Myanmar, the same as it was called Burma until recently is still one of the great unknowns of Southeast Asia. A corner of the world that can give us an extraordinary collection of temples and pagodas, of scenes from everyday life that little or nothing has changed in centuries and with a wonderful people who treat the stranger as if it were his own family.

After returning from an unforgettable trip to Myanmar you should take some notes that may be helpful to all those who are interested in learning about that country. Thanks to all these notes you’ll be able to document a list of 50 tips useful for travel to Myanmar, which may be helpful to future travelers to enjoy a destination that resists to lose its unique purity.