Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Kenya is a destination that you can’t leave missing, check for the legal part

The best secret that East Africa keep has its own name: Kenya. At the heart of the African continent, is a country that will surprise you with its lush beauty. Its capital, Nairobi, is the political and social center with a huge future projection. Next to Mombasa, it is the only urban reference relevance, if you want to visit this beautiful country you’ll need a visa, check for it.

In Kenya you’ll discover that the coast not only has beaches, but there are fishing villages where time seems to have stopped, almost hidden by vegetation lies a colorful and fascinating underwater world, a lively mix of races in the streets of Mombasa, the timeless beauty of women covered with veils of Lamu, it’s definitely a country full of contrasts that you can go slowly discovering.

The Mombasa Island It is the Kenya’s most important center of rest and relaxation, although called thousands of years before Christ, Tonika. His single view from an elevated position above the island produces an instant break traveler. Mombasa is a real crossroad of all local coastal cultures. Linked to the mainland by a wide causeway, the city lies on a hill of coral reefs lined, Tudos and Kilindini which are two natural harbors.

The Masai Mara reserve is an extraordinary natural circus where you can find a lot of animals from the lion, in all its varieties, cats like leopard or cheetah to hyenas, looking for what others leave in their wanderings. In total there are 95 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles and more than 485 aerial species.

The Tsavo Nationa Park, the overview abounds in green hills, gradually they get closer to advancing the dust, and then you will find the Chyulus Mountains, the youngest mountains in the world, formed just one hundred years ago.