Thursday, June 13, 2024

Enjoy a trip to the history of Turkey, just visit and apply for your visa

The best of Turkey always begins with a tour of Istanbul, the capital of the European Turkey. On the banks of the Bosphorus and connected with Asia by huge bridges, Istanbul adventures await you worthy of appearing in the Thousand and One Nights. Dozens of minarets and domes of mosques such as the Blue centenarians or Suleiman seem greet the traveler, make sure to check for immigration details.

The most special moment in an organized trip is to enter Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine basilica of the sixth century, then turned into a mosque and now is only a museum. Also haggling in the Grand Bazaar, hunting for bargains is a fun experience and also unforgettable, just make a small cruise on the Bosphorus, passing under bridges and watching both sides palaces and forts.

The next stop sightseeing in Turkey must be done in Ankara, the true capital of the country and starting point for a trip to Cappadocia’s famous region of Anatolia for its breathtaking scenery in the Valley of Goreme and Uchisar Castle, geological formations unique in the world, both which have been declared world Heritage Site by Unesco.

Many travelers like to hire the balloon tour of Cappadocia, a fascinating experience that allows you to take the best pictures of the natural monument. The most photographed landscapes are those that offer Open Air Museum of the valleys of Guvercinlik, Goreme, Cavusin and Pasabag, where the most beautiful geological formations of Cappadocia, as the charming fairy chimneys admire.

Here we must pay a visit to at least one of the underground cities of Kaymakli, Seratli or Ozkonak, built by Christian communities. The journey through the best of Turkey continues eastward, in Konya, the former capital of Seljuk empire which must be conquered by the beauty of the Mausoleum of Mevlana tiles.