Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Perth is the only city in Australia that lies on the Indian Ocean. It is the capital of Western Australia and the center for mining businesses in the region. It is a lovely city with beautiful parks and awesome beaches. The perfect place for nature lovers within city limits. For a visit to Perth, be prepared to use Australia Visa Services and enjoy the fun the city offers. Enter to australiavisaservices.com

For animal lovers. A good choice is to spend a day in Rottnest Island, located just 19 kilometers from the port of Perth. The transportation mode in the island is either cycling or walking, as no cars are allowed, except for the Island Explorer, a coach with hop-on/hop-off service. Rottnest is the home of the Quokkas, a small marsupial the size of a domestic cat. A picture along side a Quokkas can be easily taken. Dolphins may be watched while having a fun day at one of many beaches.

If wild animals are a must, a visit to Perth Zoo is on the list. Among other things, they feature close encounter guided visits with different species, like elephants, primates or Australia’s most popular kangaroos and koalas.

The city itself. Build on immigration from Australia’s eastern regions and from Britain, Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia, Perth is a melting pot with quaint neighborhoods and fun bars to visit. Kings Park is one of the largest city parks in the world. From the park spectacular scenery of the city may be watched. The historic seaside port of Fremantle is also worth visiting.

Beaches. Do not leave town without a visit to one of many beaches, with or without waves. Some of them even with a pine forest next to the water side. Perth is a particular place to visit, enjoy and feel at home. After all, immigration never stops in this town!