Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Reaching the Kingdom of Bahrain means to immerse yourself in that rare blend of traditions and hyper modernism that embraces most countries of the Persian Gulf. Skyscrapers built by the boldest architects of the planet with ancient souks of wonderful simplicity. This kingdom, the smallest of the Arab states, is located in an archipelago made up of 5 great islands and nearly 30 small islands, most uninhabited, get your visa in bahrainvisaonline.com.

Knowing Manama, the capital of the kingdom, full of contrasts that promise to get your attention, pass the wide avenues with its skyscrapers and reach the Al-Khamis, from there to Sitra, with the Gateway and other monuments, follow the road map for the old district of Muharraq, Hamad reach with its burial mounds belonging to the Dilmun, the first inhabitants, civilization thousands of years ago in the region.

Approach to Riffa, in the geographical center of the island, with its old buildings and its spectacular golf course, this little kingdom has everything to be the perfect vacation’s destination and a simple holiday with family can also be an opportunity to enjoy cultural tours, adventure and ecotourism, no matter where we stay, everything is close.

The easiest way to get around the island is by car as the roads, roads and streets are in very good condition and road signs are written in Arabic and English, in addition to public transport, although there has a different logic which we are used to. The largest of these islands is called Manama, the capital of the kingdom; the second largest is Muharraq and near to a breakwater to the capital, it looks more like a suburb of the capital to another island or city.

Bahrain is a very tolerant of the ideas and beliefs (there are synagogues, Catholic churches, Hindu temples, feminist organizations …) but quite strict in this regard should not be conducted under any circumstances if you have drunk alcohol Muslim country, laws are very strict about it.